Christmas Comes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s been asked for time and time again and it’s finally here, this year Universal Orlando is celebrating Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Expect Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley to be fully decked out this holiday season with “Festive garlands décor” on the shops and architecture, and unique holiday food, drink, and entertainment across both parks.

Each night, a “festive spell” will be cast upon Hogwarts Castle, “cascading it in décor, candlelight and festive moments inspired by the films”. Basically, Universal is putting on a, pretty cool looking, projection show with 3D projection mapping across the entire castle.

Universal is really pushing how new and different this will be for the Wizarding World and, honestly, I’m excited. They did Christmas at Universal Japan last year and it seemed to go over quite well. Plus, with rumors of a projection show coming to the castle for over a year now, I’m sure the show will at the very least be better than the nightly “Spectacular” (I use this term loosely) over in the Studios’ lagoon.

In addition to all the Potter/Christmas wonder, Universal also announced they are debuting the new Universal’s Holiday Parade this season at Universal Studios. Featuring Macy’s floats and balloons, Universal claims

“Santa Claus is going to have his hands full as the Minions bring merry and mayhem to the parade, along with Dreamworks characters from Madagascar and Shrek.”

But enough with the boring stuff, Christmas is coming to Hogwarts! That’s all most of us really care about anyway. With the eternal snow and winter-y theme that pervades Hogsmeade, this has been a long time coming. I’m curious as to how they finally convinced JK Rowling to let them do Christmas (she’s gone on record as being staunchly against associating the Wizarding World with any holiday), but I’m excited to see what happens later this year.

Now, go have a day!


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