We’re back, baby!

Why hello there. It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been busy being dead.


Okay, obviously I haven’t been but life did get a bit out of control for 6-8 months and I almost completely dropped off the face of the Earth with ZippityDooDay. Kudos if you kept tabs on me on Twitter, though; I managed to make quite a few enemies on there in the last few months.

But I’m back now!

Actual depiction of the one person who tried to find where I had disappeared to.

For real.  I think.

2017 is going to be something pretty special, provided our new Fascist tangerine baby leader doesn’t destroy half the world in the next 8 months. But I digress.

I’m hoping to have at least one update a week until I can actually move to a new location (no, I won’t tell you where). Over the next few weeks/months expect a bit of backlog content to pop up so you’ll have to deal with some Halloween and Christmas-themed posts.

For now, go find something else to occupy your time with. I’m busy creating content!


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