First look: Frozen Ever After

Well isn’t this a surprise, some honest-to-goodness pictures of Frozen Ever After have finally leaked out.

WDW News Today managed to get their hands on two pictures from inside the new attraction coming to the Norway Pavilion in Epcot this summer.


First, we have an audio-animatronic Marshmallow who has taken up residence at the very top of what used to be Maelstrom’s drop sequence. Apparently, guests will be treated by the great snowy beast and some projected Snowgies (still a stupid name) as the boat switches directions for the super-awesome-crazy-intense drop. It is interesting that the drop looks “snow-covered” now; perhaps we are in magical sled-boats on this go-round?


The next picture is supposedly from a very early scene in the ride and shows off one of Frozen’s troll’s greeting guests as they embark on their adventure. Much like in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, these trolls will have projected faces to make them seem more animated and lifelike without dumping ridiculous amounts of money on new animatronics throughout the attraction.

WDW News Today reports that rumors have been floating around that Frozen Ever After is actually a bit behind schedule, not a surprise considering all the other delays we have been seeing, but is still being promoted as opening in June. I’m hoping it does open fairly quickly because, as much as I miss my Maelstrom, Epcot is sorely in need of some ‘new’ attractions for guests to experience.

Pictures from WDW News Today


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