Breaking: SeaWorld to End Orca Breeding

The orcas currently at the parks will be SeaWorld’s last.

In a surprise announcement this morning, SeaWorld announced they would be ending their Orca breeding program at all parks. Any orcas currently at the parks will be the last ones SeaWorld will have and will remain there until they all eventually pass away.

According to SeaWorld “Society is changing and we’re changing with it.  SeaWorld is finding new ways to continue to deliver on our purpose to inspire all our guest to take action to protect wild animals and wild places.” I think that is a great way to put things and helps shine a light on the fantastic conservation efforts SeaWorld has been doing for decades. I mean, they just helped release an awesome sea cow into the wild after rehabilitating it; I can’t fault them for that.

I will not provide my own opinion/interpretation/hot take on the matter because, honestly, it doesn’t matter. This is what SeaWorld has decided to do and they will live or die by the public’s extremely fickle opinion. My hope from all of this is that we start seeing more world class attractions and rides coming to all SeaWorld parks in the coming years and decades.



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