Disney Springs: Planet Hollywood Observatory Concept Art

Disney has given us a better look at what the new Planet Hollywood Observatory will look like after its renovation.

The giant Planet Hollywood globe, a fantastically outdated relic of Downtown Disney past,  is finally getting the facelift it so desperately needs. Rebranded as the Planet Hollywood Observatory, the new restaurant has been scarce on details until now, but new pieces of concept art give us the best look yet at what we can expect from the drastic overhaul.

The redesigned location will feature a drastically different exterior and interior look, offer space for live music performances, and still retain the movie memorabilia displays the few remaining Planet Hollywoods are famous for.

With the new concept art, we get a better view of the Stargazers outdoor patio, which I’m sure will be very busy during warmer weather, as well as an idea of what kind of work is going on inside the dome.planet-hollywood-2

a 4,000 sq. ft. video screen will surround the Observatory’s “sky” and play clips from famous movies.

A small change I just noticed going through the concept art; the original tower outside appears to be a lighthouse of sorts (see below) with a walkway or observation platform around it, while the new version has been changed into something more resembling a radio tower. This still keeps the industrial design, but I think the light tower would have been more useful and given better views of the area.

Original “lighthouse” tower
New and improved “Radio” tower; sans walkway sadly.

Overall, I like the new design and think it fits in well with the overall Disney Springs aesthetic. Really, though, anything would have been an improvement over the blue globe that stood there for years.


7 thoughts on “Disney Springs: Planet Hollywood Observatory Concept Art

  1. I think it looks really great, and like you said much better than the blue globe. Do you know when it is due to be completed? I am going to be working as a Castmember in Walt Disney World this summer and wondering if it will be done by then!


    1. Hi Annabel! As far as I’ve heard it will be completed sometime this year. With how it looks right now, I wouldn’t expect it to realistically open much before the fall but I could be totally wrong.


      1. You’re welcome! Rivers of Light is going to be a spectacle for sure. I’m going to try to have more coverage on it when it gets closer to opening so stay tuned 😀

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