Islands of Adventure – 03/12

The Big Green Oaf is coming back!

IMG_20160312_133406~2What a different site this is. Walking into the park on Saturday afternoon, I had the opportunity to take some of the first pictures of Hulk’s cobra roll going back up. As ambivalent as I am about the “recreation” of Hulk, it’s nice to see the familiar skyline taking shape yet again. Until now, IOA had been sorely lacking in the recognizable skyline department; Dr. Doom doesn’t do anything for me, sorry Folks.

One interesting thing to note, the supports on the bottom of the cobra roll (not pictured above, but pictured below) are…different. They seem to be an I-Beam style support instead of the normal B&M ones we see elsewhere which could mean there is a plan to use theming (!) to cover them up a bit? I don’t know why you would just use the four-foot long supports as theming, but I’ve learned long ago to not question Universal on their theming decisions.

Note the short supports right to the left side of the crane.
Wider overview since I know you all demand it.

Moving on from the Big Green Oaf, I decided hang out around Popeye’s since I usually skip that area; also a cheerleading festival was going on at the Toon Lagoon theater and was congesting the main walkways. I’m as shocked as you are that the theater was actually being used with al the rumors swirling about its imminent demise.

Final update of the day comes from Skull Island: Reign of giant monkeys and dinosaurs. Nothing much has changed on the site beyond the men power washing the facade when I dropped by. A bunch of skulls are more visible on the queue outside and there is apparently a small wait sign that has been added (very hard to see in my pictures so good luck). Universal has apparently blocked off a bunch of dates the week of June 23, though, so expect the opening date to be around that week if all goes well.


Sorry for the support beam in the way, my framing was way off today
Tiny skulls and an even tinier wait sign between the trees!

So that’s it for Universal this weekend; a big update on Hulk and nothing much anywhere else. I expect this holding pattern to continue until they start pulling down work walls around Kong and/or soft opening/grand opening details start leaking out.

And with that, we end our first update. Expect a bit of news coming this week or next about future project on Zippity Doo Day!


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